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Cast Contract & Survey

Before we begin the rehearsal process, we’d like our performers to read through this contract with a parent/guardian. We intend to make this a fulfilling, fun, educational experience in musical theatre and attendance at rehearsals is mandatory. This is a collaborative effort and every participant is valuable and necessary, so we expect them to bring their best selves to every rehearsal. We're a cast, which means focus and positive behavior is needed in order remain a part of our company and for us to succeed together! Show us that you want to be here!


We will be implementing a three-strike rule. If a cast member needs to be redirected for negative actions ONCE, we will have a check-in with them! The SECOND time, we will connect with a parent/guardian. The THIRD and final step may result in removal from the program. Please note that this has never happened and we want EVERYONE to remain a part of our cast. Negative actions may include but are not limited to: Putting down a fellow cast member during or outside of rehearsal, physically harming others, not respecting the rehearsal time of others by being distracting or disrespectful, damaging the property of ON! Theater or the designated rehearsal/performance venue, using phones/other technology when not permitted.


As a cast member, I agree the above, and also to:


Practice my lines, songs, and choreography at home. Show up to each rehearsal with my script and all required materials. I will have a binder for my script, labeled with my name, and all my lines/songs highlighted! Always put my best foot forward, and try even when it’s difficult. I will Support my fellow cast members, lift them up, and never put them down or make them feel bad. This is an environment where everyone belongs. I will also be respectful and quiet when it’s someone else’s turn to rehearse. I will make safe choices when backstage or at any out-of-school rehearsal space. I will listen to and respect my instructors. Our rehearsal time is limited, and I will not waste it by being off task or distracting others.

As a parent/guardian:

I/we will support ON! in its decisions to cast the production based on the audition process, and understand that while ON! will do their best to give each performer as much stage time as possible, each participant will not have an equal number of scenes, songs, and dialogue. I/we understand that regardless of their role, our young performer(s) will be a part of the collaborate theatre experience, fostering confidence, community, and skill. I/we will support the ON! team and our young performer(s) no matter what role they play in their production.

Thank you! We can't wait to begin!

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