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Musical theatre is a powerful thing. Beyond a medium of art and entertainment, the form has been used as a tool of expression since its inception. Expressions of individuality, of acceptance and understanding. It's about love, and putting that love out into the world. That's what we're all about. With each production, the light and positivity of our young thespians radiates off the stage across the audience and beyond.

There's nothing more important than developing the whole child. We've seen firsthand the power of

self-discovery on the stage. Theater is one of the most ripe environments for social and emotional learning.


The founders of Opening Night Theater are a combination of writers, performers, and educators. Together, we spent years producing shows within the infrastructure of schools. With cast sizes of 1st through 8th grade students that grew from 35 to 60, until they reached upwards of 100. Theatre truly takes a village, and we spent those years wrangling the communities and rallying armies to put on professional-level productions. 


Straightforward productions have never been our thing. We've always enjoyed putting our own stylistic twist on each show. Whether it's bringing a Steampunk aesthetic to the Wizard of Oz, or setting Beauty and the Beast in the 1950s. Those touches have always made the kids feel like they're a part of something fresh and exciting that they can truly call their own. That's what we want, for Opening Night to feel like their own place.


Opening Night Theater is a place where kids can discover themselves, realize their capabilities and build lasting relationships, through theatrical performance.


We know they're ready. It's their moment to be ON!

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